[1st verse:]Ev’ry timeI see a puppy upon a summer’s dayA puppy dog at playMy heart is filled with envyThat’s becauseMy heart is yearning to pass the time awayLike that pup’cause I’m all fed upAnd tho’ it’s wrong to beI long to be[chorus:]LazyI want to be lazyI want to be out in the sunWith no work to be doneUnder that awningThey call the skyStretching and yawningAnd let the world go drifting byI want to peepThrough the deepTangled wildwoodCounting sheep’til I sleepLike a child wouldWith a great big valise fullOf books to read where it’s peacefulWhile i’mKilling timeBeing lazy[2nd verse:]Life is shortAnd getting shorter with each day that goes byAnd how the time does flyBefore you know, it’s overThat’s why i’mIn such a hurry to pack my things and flyTo a spotWhere it’s nice and hotAnd hear the birdies singWhile I’m being
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Lazy Lyrics

Ella Fitzgerald – Lazy Lyrics

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