Awake, awake, you drowsy traitor

Awake, arise, it's almost day

How can you sleep such treacherous slumbers

When you have all my heart away?

You learned my secrets warmed in comfort

But left me cold now so it seems

You left me lying, prone to crying

And beset my waking dreams

Farewell my friends, farewell my family

Now I am bound while he goes free

I will go down to those far white mountains

Where the air is thin and you cannot see

I thought I heard your voice a-shouting

I thought I heard you loud and clear

But it was just a faithless echo

And you were nothing that I could call dear

I loved his face, I loved his body

I loved his voice when he sang with me

And every day brought port and brandy

To toast his name in a glass or three

Now take my heart, I do not need it

I'm done with love and I'm safe alone

And I'll sit here on my white mountain

And watch your beauty turn to stone
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Waking Dreams Lyrics

Eliza And Martin Carthy – Waking Dreams Lyrics