I'm sorry babe.

How could I be such an idiot
Were talkin through the door please open it
I'm down on my knees & the neighbors can see, that I regret so desperately
Baby if you please just hear me out
I really hope to god I can work it out
I'm sick to the skin just let me in
You can't believe what I must've been

I know that ur hurting
I know I was wrong
I know that for certain, you know we belong
Lease let me see you, please open up
I beg ur forgiveness don't let us fall

Give me 1 more chance
Before we crash and burn
Give me 1 more chance before the point of no

I'd give everything to make it good again
I'd do anything to get out of this tail-spin
Give me 1 more chance before, before we crash and burn


Please baby please don't leave me standing here
Makeup runnin black in a stream of tears
I think what we had, lets get it back cuz
Losin's you gonna drive me mad

Bridge & Chorus

Please baby baby let me come inside
We can talk it out where it's warm and dry
I really need you to look into my eyes
I really want you to believe me when I apologize

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Crash And Burn Lyrics

Elise Estrada – Crash And Burn Lyrics