Let's go to the movies
We'll take the tube downtown
We can go to Frost Hop and just mess around
We can draw graffiti on the station walls
Or look at the perverts, just playing with their balls

Nobody likes us, cause we're two lazy chicks
We're always so bored, we never get our kicks

We can make a video and watch it on TV
And you can push the buttons, but it won't be for free
We're gonna have a good time, we're gonna be obscene
We'll put you in the bathtub and cover you with cream


Did you meet my boyfriend' God he is such a bore,
He looks a bit like Elvis after 1974
Life is full of wankers, they always make a fuss
But we hate everybody as much as they hate us

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Nobody Likes Us Lyrics

Electrocute – Nobody Likes Us Lyrics