She sparkle like my jeanShe more than seventeenSeems keen in other wordsShe must have beenA former beauty queenNow she’s a naughty girlChorusWild wild wild tiger woman(wild wild wild wild)You move me very fastBut can you last another dayGet out of the wayWild wild tiger woman(wild wild wild wild)You gonna break you’re little fallThey call her the wild tiger womanTied to the bedTied to the bedShes waitin to be fedNo pay to sir aday (? )Cant see an ounce of reason in her headDont laugh and turn awayChorusNeed another girl to come and grab her by the tailAs I was hoping that the ground would open up and take me inLife is so obscene and the remarks that go unseenAre being diminished to the earthIll never find another girlAll in the raceSuch a friendly faceSeems clean and upper-classYoung indecisiveMinds are in a mazeShe lose me very fastChorus
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Wild Tiger Woman Lyrics

Electric Light Orchestra – Wild Tiger Woman Lyrics

Songwriters: ROY WOOD
Wild Tiger Woman lyrics © T.R.O. INC.

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