Monkey have spread a plague,
From a little bite.
People were using drugs, and a free fuck for all.
People never thought s** would become death.

Chorus: In the plague of death,
Aids will kill you,
And we see tears,
Into the shadows of death

First it was a drugies (either drugie or drugie's) and a homosexual disease,
But promiscuous people began dying in numbers,
Wrap it up before the plague will ("can" makes more sense) kill you,
People will die soon soon (-a soon),


Clean vocal part: Angry and in pain,
Insane decay,
In this fucking heartless world,
People were passing out,
Striving from the sky, (what?)
Is there no fucking end,
As it comes for you.


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Shadows Of Death Lyrics

Elctrikchair – Shadows Of Death Lyrics

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