Take me to your starship
We will ride the milky way
We can take a spin at the rings of saturn
Pass the rays of the sun and stray away
Gasping for the air in the emptiness of space
Just to reach you reach you, reach you on the star you came from
Pass the clusters of asteroid to see the light of aurora,
Lets sit back and bask in it's aweness

Taste the fires of mars
Frigidity of pluto
Lucidity of mercury
There's no hurry
Beauty of venus
Beauty of venus
Gasses of uranus
There's no end for here we go
Past the bounds of this endless universe

Please stay
Please stay
Please, I beg of you
Can't you see I'm crying infront of you
Please stay
Please stay
Please I beg of you
You see your too far to reach
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Up The 7th Planet Lyrics

Effinboiche – Up The 7th Planet Lyrics