told ya that I was a bad boy Somebody
told ya I'd make ya cry But
if somebody told ya that I didn't love you Then
somebody told ya (The biggest lie) (I
can't find the way) No
nono no (I
can't find the way) No
nono no (I
can't find the way) No
nono no (I
can't find the way) No
nono no (The
way )...Verse

me what to do to do to prove that I could be Just
the opposite of what you claim to see I'm
a casualty before you took the shot (I
can be what you wanna be what you wanna )...Said
your not alone alone, in what you've come to feel Baby
all your friends they claim to know the deal Tell
me how they know if we never even met (I!
can be what, you wanna be what you wanna )...(B-b-b-bad

boylove you)x4 Hook


You! got me going crazy I know I did ya wrong I
regret the way that ya feeling that's, why I wrote this song You
say that time has passed now I hope I aint take too long (I'm
tryin'a make it better but) (I
can't find the way) Ya
Girl. I see that now I need that Lookin
for ya heart babygirl where the beat at Yes?
I mean that wont deceive that More
than just tryin'a put ya legs on my seatback Lemme
ease back bring the beat back Logic
mc - apology Ya? need that Hook.


boylove you)x4 I
can't find the way
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Somebody Told Ya Lyrics

Echo Foster – Somebody Told Ya Lyrics

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