I had houses on the fanciest boulevards
A wallet full of platinum credit cards
Quoted in “Money Magazine, ”
Traveled the world and wherever I went
Paid no attention to the cash I spent
Just like that, it fell apart at the seams.

Business stopped all over town
My world went spinning round
Wall Street said it was bad news
That financial tide was rising
Had a plan to start downsizing
It hit me… I have the Green Back Blues

Green Back Blues
Was living like Howard Hughes
Green Back Blues
Now I have holes in my shoes
Went from rags to riches
And back to rags again
And now I have those …Green Back Blues

The market crashed and burst my bubble
Left me in financial trouble
No more parties with Dom Perignon
Tried to sell but no one’s buying
Makes a grown man start a cryin’
All that was mine is now gone.

The Bank sold everything I own
Pennies on the dollar; no meat on the bone
And now, what is left to lose?
Funny, thought I was a fighter
Now I feel a whole lot lighter
It’s me and these Green Back Blues…


Adios to my beachfront condo
Au revoir to the grand piano
So long to that Caribbean cruise
No more dwelling on the sorrow
Just look forward to tomorrow
When I can say Sayonara… to those Green Back Blues
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Green Back Blues Lyrics

E.A. Black – Green Back Blues Lyrics