Rain come down, rain come down
Rain come down, rain come down

I see unnecessary death, I see life just gone away
I see souls out of control, I see the earth's pain, I feel the earth's pain
I see the powers of manipulation and I pass away
I see the sleep walkers who walks asleep doing it again

I watch how they do the music, I watch how they do the children
I see wars, I see famine, I see pestilence
I see disease, break, incest, racism, I see these things
I seen what the lack of knowledge can do to a civilization
I've seen what laziness can do to a civilization, lazy people
When you don't stand up for your own

Go ahead and keep beating around the bush, beating around the bush
I see with my own blue eyes also and take care for what I see
Believe me I've seen a lot, I participated in wars
I've seen so many, so many things
With the help of us could have been set right

Don't you wanna go to the moon also
Don't you wanna enhance your intelligence
Don't you wanna stand up for your own
Don't you wanna see with your own two eyes
Only you can lift you up, by the will of God
The powers that be, the energy within your soul

I hang on the edge of this universe, singing off key
Talking too loud and bracing myself to cushion the fall
I shall tumble into deep space never in this former with this feeling
To return to earth, it is not tragic

I shall spound to the black hole losing scared limbs
Internal organs, severing my naked soul
That in the next galaxy with only my essence embracing myself
As I fall into the ill minded mode
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Falling Lyrics

Dudley Perkins – Falling Lyrics

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