What the hell's really going on these days
Who called for the no balls radio craze
I don't turn the damn thing on much anymore

JC was the last of the old boys left
And the attitude died
When we laid him down to rest
Now I'm standing in the eye
Of a hurricane outlaw storm

So let's part the seas,
For the baddest sob
And all the half-ass
Piece of crap wanna-be's
Better believe

We've been waitin on Hank
To save our souls,
To kick a little dirt
On the country road
That's been paved
By the way they've been
Spiting on the old boys graves
Waitin' on Hank to come on back
And lay a little senior boot to ass
And let the A&R man know
He's taken this way to far
You pee with the puppies
When you crap
In the big dogs yard

The honky tonk boy band
Boat will sink
By the horror of a storm
From a pissed off Hank
And you know that he's gonna be
Bringing that hammer down

Gonna roll smoke
Teach em how to drink
'Cause the meek inherit nothing
Not a goddamn thing
And you know that the old boys
Are runnin' them outta town


Putting on a shine as we corrode
I'm losing my faith
In the country soul
So who'll take the blame
For the suicide of Music Row???

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Waitin' On Hank Lyrics

Dry County – Waitin' On Hank Lyrics