Coolness of lonely winter
Makes it's way in today
Through the cracks that have been
Filled with the void of age
What is it all about now
How was it meant to be
My mind feels so hollow
Goodbye sweet serenity

Oh life seems to be
Here for me in my mind
Like a passing melody

Fools are the ones who
Capture things as they seem to be
I don't intend to fall through
Pieces of well staged themes

Oh life, seems to me
Feels free to throw you out

I would have given it all
Just to step back through the door
Out of the fool I live in
I won't need him any more
Into the kid I left back
Into the child I lived in before
Is it too much to ask to
Not be questioned anymore
Is it unfair to state that
I don't wanna know the answer to the
Wires that connect this world
I'm really trying to leave
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Lonely Winter Lyrics

Drugstore Fanatics – Lonely Winter Lyrics

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