Fuzz-free and totally wasted stumbling down the line
A maniac's double vision flashing through my mind

Play the clown - behaviour sucks
Reasons drown - the kong going nuts
The beer goggles are getting fatter
Sip by sip they're looking better

This is our time, our pint, our night
So, cheers to you!
Raise your drinks and cheers to here and now!
Cheers to you!
No regrets - piss drunk we yell for more

Everybody's dancing, overcoming their inhibitions
Singing along the favourite songs, merry go round

A drunken guy - who speaks the truth
A big balled girl - dazed and confused
We loosen up, defenses drop
A rush that doesn't ever stop

One more
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Piss Drunk Lyrics

Drone – Piss Drunk Lyrics