So you think you can step to me and still breath in
You've bit off more than you can chew
I am the beast and your god is not here today
There is no need for praying

Don't fucking look at me your sight alone impales me
I feel the rage in me I have to let it go

There is only pain to thrive on

The smell of blood is the only thing that will satisfy
Your dying body twitching trying to grasp for life

So long I've taken your shit
But now you've crossed the line
The price to pay is mine to claim
Now blood lust is mine


There's only dying to give
No use trying to live
Give in accept and embrace your fate
There's no stopping me
Carnage is all I need
Inhale your final breath

Your soul screaming for strength
Your limbs slowly release
The floor greets your defeat
With your last breath
Now you beg for mercy

Too late vengeance is mine...
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Vengeance Is Mine Lyrics

Droid – Vengeance Is Mine Lyrics

Songwriters: JOHN DOWD
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