(The First of Seraphs in Anguish Bereaved)
(Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson 11/3 - 1996, edited & rearranged 5/10 -1998 and 20/7 - 1999)
And the fires burn'd inside my eye's
As ye fall's ascending like a moment o' joy. Spirit of Night:
My thorns where sown in ye light o' Day, His thorns were spawned from the grasp o' God,
And the windsâ?¦ they blewâ?¦ and the painâ?¦ it grewâ?¦
Until my winds, they blew no more. but holiness grew no more.
I scream'd out into the dawn!

Grievance; fro' the horizon she comesâ?¦
I wonder if I could stay in His world, Grievance:
'cause sooner or later this pain must end! Pain must end!
My lifeâ?¦ it cries to be free, His life cries, but soon to be freeâ?¦
But legions of starsâ?¦ the stars suffers with me! Thou art the star o' Venusâ?¦ Oh Seraphim!

The Holy Spirit:
Thou must obey thy father, thy God!
Bow down before his eyesâ?¦ before his very eye'sâ?¦!

My Godâ?¦ 'father'â?¦ hear us cry!
Tell me whyâ?¦! Thou wilt die!!!

Oh, Enslaver of Souls;
Thou can not be our father!
Oh, Avengeful God;
Thou hast brought us agony!

Into heav'n our sorrowâ?¦ Sorrow
Ye beautiful moment o' tragedyâ?¦ so beautifulâ?¦
Falling fro' the lies of His 'perfect world'. They are fallingâ?¦
Takest us away, so far awayâ?¦ falling!
Here is nothing but pain. God is smilingâ?¦
Farewell now as we enter our darknessâ?¦ smiling!
And we love her, the realization! Salvation comes but pain
Behold our salvation!

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Serenade Of Sorrow Lyrics

Draconian – Serenade Of Sorrow Lyrics

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