I've been singing for so long,
I go from door to door.
But it ain't the song,
No it ain't the song I'm singing for.

And I've painted every town.
The colors I ignore.
No it ain't the change,
No it ain't the change I'm looking for.

Mouth of the river,
Spit out the sea.
Shake the hands of time,
Turning the century.

I've been fishing off the dock,
Every beach and every brook.
And it feels the same
And it felt the same without the hook.

And I'm humbled by the maker
I've been given all I gave.
And I don't expect,
No I don't expect to be saved.
No I don't expect;
I ain't asking to be saved.

I found the combination,
I've got the key,
Standing at the door,
Turning the century.
Mouth of the river,
Spit out the sea.
Stand for something more,
A common courtesy.
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Turning The Century Lyrics

Dr. Dog – Turning The Century Lyrics