Is this all I need, that's no way to feel alive
I'm a dying breed, I could never be revived
So let's go across, tell me why I go alone
I still need it more, will the truth ever be known

Sorrow comes, needless loss
Darkness falls, the end is in sight

It is a sign all hope will follow
I sure dislike whom I've become

I can hardly breath, I am sure I won't survive
Is this make-believe, why are you acting so surprised
I won't bare the loss, is it better to cut my throat
Someone's at my door, is it mankind's only hope

I feel everything so why explain,
Why is suffering prolonged
There's a line that has not yet been drawn
Why is everything still wrong
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Exoskeleton (Part II) Lyrics

Dozer – Exoskeleton (Part II) Lyrics