With The Bluenotes

Well, all of my life
I been roaming around
Just looking for the things
I've never found

But now I'm happy because I know
I found the one that I love so
The one that I love so

Oh, oh, oh, lucky love
You're my lucky love
For you are my true love
And it must have been
Written in the stars above
I'd find you, my lucky love

Lucky love
Well, the wheel of fate
Goes spinning around
And your lucks and
It comes back down

But mine's as good as it can be
Because you gave your love to me
You gave your love to me

[Repeat chorus]

Lucky love
Now we're as happy as can be
No one but my lucky love and me
Forever and ever
That's how we'll stay
For love will never fade away
Will never fade away

[Repeat chorus]

Lucky, lucky, lucky
Lucky love
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My Lucky Love Lyrics

Doug Franklin – My Lucky Love Lyrics

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