[Verse 1]
You look so hesitant babe,
And you won't let down your guard
Cause somebody broke your heart
I'm on a mission to fix that
Theres no way in hell he's coming back.
You get so sensitive when,
Its not the way it was, the way he causes a fuss
When you would show up 10 minutes late
(Tick tick tock) [Repeat: x2]
Like you never ever make mistakes
(Tick tick tock)

Baby let me hold you
Baby let me show you
I can do it better baby like he was supposed to
I'll make you forget him,
Forget you was with him
Cause you fell in love & lost so much,
Now I'm here to pick you up.

(Pick it up, pick it up)
I'm picking up the pieces
(Pick it up, pick it up)
Of you heart im healing you,you
If your ready to love again,
Then baby reach for my hand, and know that I can
(Pick it up, pick it up)
And put you back together
(Pick it up, pick it up,)
I'll be there through whatever
If your ready to trust again and ready
To take a chance
Girl you know,you know ill pick you up again.

[Verse 2]
You haven't got out of your bed,
You stain your pillow case with tears
Running down your face
I know what happened in your past
All of the things you didn't have



[Repeat: x2]
Baby you wont regret
I keep my promises
If your looking for some good love,
Girl I got that good love
You know you want that good love

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Pick It Up Lyrics

Donnie Klang – Pick It Up Lyrics

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