Donavon Frankenreiter - Free
Electric love penetrates the sky
Just you and me looking eye to eye
When will the weather let us go
When you see the sun it will let you know
That your

Free, Free...

Child sunrise never lies
Sometimes even makes you cry
Pass me a drink or maybe two
One for me and one for you
And we will be

Free, Free...

Everbody want's to be
Everybody cant you see
Everybody want's to be
Everybody, Everybody
Don't you know that your Free

I said don't you know that your Free
Don't you wanna be
Don't you wanna be yeah

On a life boat heading home to you
That's when I feel so true
I just take another look around
Every place feels like a familar town
And im
Free, I said im free
It feels so good to be.....
I said it feels so good...
its good to be free ;...
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