I brace myself but to no avail, numbness crept over me, overpowering
Oppression deepening
Every muscle paralysed
Laying under a veil of righteousness, finally everything became blank
Projecting my spirit from within, leaving the body behind

Gazing down at my face, pale and as still as death
The flowers withered and life wept, but my body remained sleepless

The blinding light reveals your purity, this voyage here seems so tangible

I will hear them, I will hear the songs that were played from the birth of
The first
Foolish embrace of a false esteem, the wind will turn
Call, I keep calling... Same hostility lies
In the depths of all our existence
Encapture time to find the other side, but it's all the same

And like the word your life unfolds, upon the tears for which you burn
Come seek the life from which you hide
Let go the guilt that dwells within, from which the torch was lit in sin
Come walk the road to find your true paradise

Spread forth your wings and fly away...
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The Voyage Lyrics

Dominion – The Voyage Lyrics