When you left me, cavalcading and smiling
Doing no good, doing no harm, doing nothing at all
Make a wish now, I'm a holy cow, but god still loves me the same
Look at you, look at who is sleeping over tonight
Oh, Oh, there are no ordinary people..(x4)
Half-galloping, half-starving, waiting for a world war
Lookin dirty, feelin apart, falling at your door
Hey, make me wish I was a holy cow, but what who for? Look at you, looking so blue, and look who's hitting the floor
Oh, Oh, there are no ordinary people..(x4)
And I don't understand why you followed me home (what was on your mind?)
And I can't understand why you said goodbye (is this really goodbye?)
Oh, Oh, there are no ordinary people..
(Check your face, you look just like your mother!)
*continues till song fades*
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(No) Ordinary People Lyrics

Dolour – (No) Ordinary People Lyrics

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