Oh dear I’m so tired and so lonesomeI wonder why mommy don’t comeShe told me to shut up my blue eyesAnd before I woke up she’d be homeShe said she was going to see grandmaWho lives by the river so wideAnd I guess my mommy’s feeling badAnd perhaps she won’t be home tonightSo I guess I’ll go down and meet daddyPerhaps he has stopped at the storeIt’s a great big store full of bottlesAnd I wish he wouldn’t go there anymoreSo out in the night with the babyHer little heart beating with pride’til her tired feet entered the gin palaceWith music all radiant with lightOh daddy she cried as she reached himI think that the music’s so sweetBut it’s almost suppertime daddyLittle blossom wants something to eatA moment his blurred eyes gazed wildlyDown into her face sweet and fairAnd as the demon possessed himHe grasped at the back of a chairA moment a second was overHe lifted her fair golden headA moment the baby’s left trembledThen poor little blossom was dead
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Little Blossom Lyrics

Dolly Parton – Little Blossom Lyrics

Songwriters: E.L. JEFFE
Little Blossom lyrics © BUG MUSIC

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