What to do and where to start?
Things are falling all apart
Trying hard to move ahead
But keep losing ground instead

Still I have to take a chance
Putting fear and doubt aside
Had no warning in advance
Nothing left to do but try

And I just might make it work
I just might make it after all
I just might rise above the hurt
Thought I've suffered quite a fall
But I have to get a grip
And hold on to it like a vice
Have to face the falling chips
I just might make it, I just might

Oh, I might have been a fool
But its true that love is blind
And you have broken every rule
You've taken all that yours and mine
And how does one go on with life?
When your shattered so inside
Pieces of a love gone wrong
Well, ya pick 'em up and you move along


Rise above it, I just might be stronger then I know
Well, I might even be surprised
I've got to get on with my life
I just might make it
I just might

Nothin' left to do but try
I might make it
I just might
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I Just Might Lyrics

Dolly Parton – I Just Might Lyrics