Ear to the ground keep one eye on the clock
The crew that's rising up this time
Ain't the N. K. O. T. B.
Don't wanna take a number not gonna
Stand in line
Think we're buying all the bullshit
Well you're out your fuckin' mind
I only see in front of me
Will you watch my back?
Searching for the guidance such a long time
We have lacked
Land of equality who is number one?
What comes around
Goes around hard
What goes around's comin' up harder
Open your mind now hear what I've got to say
People livin' off the street growing by the day
Speaking on the numbers I look out for number one
Politics can't fix this mess could a revolution?
I only see in front of me could you watch my back?
These be the times when truth is crime
And lie is fact
People runnin' game to make a name
This one weighs a ton
If you have the lyrics of the little song just after "in the
Doghouse", the lyrics of the part of "Who's the king that
Darryl sings, or any lyrics of the "Warrant" album, please
Upload it in ftp. Uwp. Edu... (/pub/incoming/lyrics)
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What Comes Around Lyrics

Dog Eat Dog – What Comes Around Lyrics