The lurker in the green sea
shades of a moving object
riches, the temple that approaches
haunts my wishes of this insanity
gorgeous console I place there my claws
those who once ripped out my eyes
I need no longer human senses
Feel it how this can torture
the wagon with imaginations
scary glimpses with dreadful outlines
things I wish not to see
slaughtering my dearest throne
We will not be affected by this
for the blood of time has fornicated
Our minds, our shell
my only shelter
the dreamt with delight
I see my options
and I choose the tunnel
see what my winged crayons
have painted
Let me shed a tear
and give birth to my sea
The only life is death
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Utopia Running Scarlet Lyrics

Dodheimsgard – Utopia Running Scarlet Lyrics