This one goes out to my niggas
'Cause we be havin to deal with these punk ass bitches
Check this out

Hey bitch you remember me
It's mista DJ Quik from the Westside of the Tree
And you met me at 2000 where I'm brownin'
That's where me and the PPC were just clownin'
Doin' what we had to do to get by
No money in my pocket but I was still fly
Curled to my neck but I got respect
And now I stack fat sacks and ride around in a Lex
And oh my bitch how you changed
I see you rubbin' all on my dick and it's feelin' kinda strange
'Cause then you wouldn't even walk me around the block
But now your tryin' to throw me that toe up cock
I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole
I gots to keep the P in it baby, muthafuck you hoes
But open up wide if you given up head
Because, close mouths don't get fed
I'm talking to punk ass, trick ass, nuttin' ass bitches
What's the name of your perfume Vicious?
Hoes ain't shit, ain't gon' be, aint never will be
And I'ma make you feel bad that you fucked me
So fast-forward tricks this is strictly for my dogs
Ballin' like a muthafucka ragtop hogs
And El Cos keep rollin to this gangsta shit
And when I'm feelin' like being bothered with you bitches
I'm givin ya

Somethin' for tha mood
Somethin' to get you in the groove
So sip that cognac at get back
'Cause that's just what I'm doin'
What about my bitch on my lap?
(I'm givin' ya)
Somethin' for tha mood
Somethin' to get you in the groove
So sip that cognac at get back
'Cause that's just what I'm doin' (ya know)
What about my bitch on my lap?

Now it's 5:15 and I'm thinking about niggas Playa Hamm
Mr. Shabby Bleu and Big Jam
Hamm's at Gina's so I hit him on my mobile
87 Sprint him so you know I gots to flow
Yo what's up nigga

Yo same ol' playa
Got some tendas, meet me over at Gina's a little later
Hook it up mobbin' through with D and a couple of half G's
So is you down for the skeaze?

I'm on my way
Now the bitches at Gina's they all wanna see me
Put my telephone down for the LAPD
They passed me, I pass them, and they didn't even trip
Now I'm doin' 55 over the Arlington Dip
In my Lex-o rollin' got me feelin' superior
With the funky white pearl and black leather interior
My niggas in my truck, we ain't givin' a fuck
We carried a very face pace to 42nd place

Snoop Dogg blew it and headed back to the strip
In the left hand turnin' lane niggas steppin' on trick
Bust a right on Normande, the bitches blow for me
But I don't pay 'em no mind 'cause they come second to my homies
Hit the spot and bail but I don't step in the mud
Walk up in the living room where it's smellin' like bud
In the kitchen where it ain't no drinks but a gang a food
Ah, let me pop the trunk 'cause I bought a little.


Now I dips to the studio to listen to the hits
2nd II None workin' on some brand new shit
And it's tighter that a muthafucka got that swang
While Big J try to take a nigga straight to Beighjing
But I pass on the bud, I mash on the brew
Genuine Draft for my muthafuckin' crew
Tashe's chillin', China just trippin
Chris engineering and Bacon and George sippin'
So listenin' to this track makes you understand
Why niggas still can't fuck with the one-man band
Got my dark lokes clean with the P on my crown
And my black leather trench to the muthafuckin' grown
And I'm faded, knowin' I don't wanna drive drunk
In case I get jacked got my shit in the trunk
Now I might have been swerving but I made it to the tent
Just another day in the life of Quik
I'm givin ya

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Somethin' 4 Tha Mood Lyrics

Dj Quik – Somethin' 4 Tha Mood Lyrics