You wanna see a young brother from the compton tip check a grip
Well keep lookin', because the [Incomprehensible] is cookin'
Like a big old pot of neckbones, we'll tend to fire up
Because a young brother like The Quik is gettin' wired up

You know my offbeat style is flowin' all the while
I'm showin' suckers, they can't get none of this
Let alone some of this, I'm a musical genius
And if you try to play my way you'll get mugged
Like we were playing tecmo bowl

I'm a producer if a rhythm is dope I choose it
And I hope you know I'd rather be doped in music
I'ma [Incomprehensible] and I was never uprooted
A young scallion in them khaki suits and booted

With a 40 in hand I'ma take a stand
I'm lettin' 'em know they can't fade the one man band
And if a soft sucker wanna know who's to blame
[Incomprehensible] Quik is the name
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Quik Is The Name (Intro) Lyrics

Dj Quik – Quik Is The Name (Intro) Lyrics

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