Oh my candy Lady
Your lips it's like a bird
How wild is the strawberry
That substitutes your tongue

Es la suavidad
De tus besitos
Que da a mi boca
El gusto de azucar

Candy Candy Candy Lady let me lick your feather
For ever and ever and never even if I ache my teeth
Deja deja deja me mi gattito
Deja me comer tus lavios
Ahora por la hora y maсana

Hablaran los dios

How talented I will be
If I keep you close to me
The broken man like me
Is not used to be good for making families

El talento lo tendrй si llego a engatusarte
Si llego a serenarte sin apenarte


Oh my candy lady if you never believe me I'll may never
In me neither oh never believe in me my Candy Lady
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Candy Lady Lyrics

Dionysos – Candy Lady Lyrics