Its people like you that give me motivation, motivation to destroy these creations
You're looking in all the wrong places and getting nothing less of what you deserve
You treat your friends like shit. You're a phony and I can do without the bullshit
Real Ideas are being demeaned when it means more to be a figure in a structured modern scheme
Molding values with nothing behind it, you take the easy way out
Consistently adapting to fit a new social role
It's a blast to petrify the past, bring it in and reinvent the path
Last call and no ones listening! The friction burns the truth that's with in.
I don't give a fuck about what you do, stay away from me and the ones I love to
I came here to get away from the trap, This Is War!
And I swear you won't laugh last
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Carbon Copy Army Lyrics

Dimension -X- – Carbon Copy Army Lyrics

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