"The ruggedness the ruggedness" (Repeat x4)
"Lyrical terrorists"

I bring High towers like Ron
Til my powers are drawn
Then let raw surges like cubes of Energon
Which Judas emcee ??? double cross like Exxon
I put a hex on science needed to catch wrecks gone
The mic's a wand so when I rap you see stars
Kicking lines in your face that'll make you see bars
Incarcerated increasin' heart rate like a novice
Gettin' faded and today's your start date
The stage is getting flooded and your ass is shark bait
'Cause you're bleeding
You are transmitting but I'm not receiving
I used to be in 3D now I'm 4D like fairlane
Iristyle be high and pressurized like an airplane
Trained I'm precise to make the crowd tingle
You finally get to kick it and miss like Ray Finkle
All righty then, spin emcees like Frisbees
And got verbal animation on lock like Walt Disney

"The ruggedness, the ruggedness" (Repeat x8)

Yo, my rhymes are always up to par with the chorus
Chop rappers down like trees in the rain forest
If hip-hop was baseball I'd win the Cy Young
For throwing raps more harder than pitches by Nolan Ryan
Right down the center I enter like The Dragon
With fire in my eyes watch the thermometer rise
Intellectual battle rhymer in cadence to the millisecond
In consecutive(s) victories with ease (back to back)

Hey, you ain't Ultramag seckle with the Ego Trippin'
And you ain't De La seckle with the Ego Trippin' Two (too)
Dilated People ripping crew kids students that are truant
I get up in minds like Xavier's in mutants
While you should get smart about chaos and control
Your style is old with no soul like Bob Dole
Even seeming simpletons like Clinton are Rhodes scholars
My style is seldom seen like the ??? on the ???

I swarm like insects, I get wreck when in sex
My rhymes shine like Windex
From index to-uh glossary (glossary)
Front to back cover to cover
When the snare cracks over the phat track, I hover
On hydroplane like tires on ice
Yo I break it down to the raw elements like rice
My 4-4 hits lethal to your jaw, without one flaw
I represent ????? like ?????
I roll like NyQuil put heads to bed (good night)
No lead, straight up gems in my tool shed (that's right)
I grab a few and a couple more for backup
Some slow raps for new jacks for when they speed the track up
Don't let me pull the pin at the sport your in
You better play the opposite of a terrapin
The air we in's too thin for the both of us to win
You test me the in the day and then I eat you up for dinner

Dilated, Dilated
Nothing less
Dilated, Dilated
Yes, yes
Soul brothers, mad sweet
Yes, yes
Nothing less

"The ruggedness, the ruggedness"
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Ruggedness Lyrics

Dilated Peoples – Ruggedness Lyrics