Planets be the champ of the amplified sound
Swimming in this art born up the boogie down
The Rubin Rod squad flew angles toward the point
Could a weirdo group of bugs slam a gang of funky joints
The provin's in the movin' of the baggy clothes
At the dimly lit clubs where flock the milkduds
Hip-hop enzymes with pride kicks inside
Dig the threads

The nappy heads
Bopping over beats that sleep with ghetto slang
No sirens just felts and wax from ghetto brains
The Cosmic Childs hit with dance inducing kits
Like the ****** and shit
The ancestors grin 'cause rap is gettin' fat
To some of them it's grim 'cause us youth be havin' gats
So save all your cares, let down your nappy heads
'Cause the beats is giving life like air
The flyest fly bids is swellin' the inside
The locest loc kids left their glocks in the ride
Hoodlums in the house gettin' their flam on
'Cause even peace got some clout when a funky jam's on

{all together}
Gettin' free (x4)

Funk is you, funk is me, funk is us, funk is free (x4)
Insects hit the joint no flam just kickin' it
Wiggle with the fruits over by the liquids
The slick kids is bound the fives passed around
We try to dig the group or recognize the loop
The strobelite is dotting the crowd dig my speakin'
Who you see freakin' is the native 'cause you're seekin'
I came in the door I said it before
Jams make me kite if they slam then it's life
Remember this?

Yo, Silkworm's chillin', Butterfly's chillin'
A crew of Ladybugs, we giggle with the thugs
The world is in here 'cause expression's under hair
I love my peers
Euphoric black man jams make euphoric black man
This kid I didn't know slapped his fingers in my hand
A wisdom caught my eye, damn a jam is fly
Honeys with some cuties, sopmeone's having hootie

{all together}
Gettin' free (x4)

Funk is you, funk is me, funk is us, funk is free (x4)

I think every Mom and Dad should say to their kids,
"Kids, be free, be whoever you are and do whatever you wanna do"

{all together}
Gettin' free (x4)

Funk is you, funk is me, funk is us, funk is free (x12)
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Escapism (Gettin' Free) Lyrics

Digable Planets – Escapism (Gettin' Free) Lyrics

Songwriters: Butler, Ishmael R.
Escapism (Gettin' Free) lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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