These are not 100%, they are going by ear.

Your next opponent.

It will be a dark
Catastrophe of great proportion

The challenge has begun,
When the hammer falls I know that we will all step forward, in a rush
Domination by the masses!

Kicking you down, beating you down!
We won't falter.
Beating you down, push you away!
They can't deny your destiny.
We won't forget!

Believing in a power, they make their walls collide and falsify your (gods visions?) and your opponent will be living in failure, failure. Failure, failure.

Taste the potent stench of pride!
The people scream in horror.

For the reign effect is in full play,
But it's then the public scream your way,
The people all will applaud.
Applaud your demise!

Break down the opponent that you must fear.
You can't take the burning.
Don't ever deny the power within,
You can defeat all this (something)


Eyes burning red.
Of our anger.
We will flourish!

As they fall we will flourish!
Rise and oppose!
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Rise And Oppose Lyrics

Diecast – Rise And Oppose Lyrics