Respect is a virtue that you've lacked from day one
And you seem to think that you are the world's axis
Don't you throw rocks if you have a glass complexion
Try to seal the crack that leaked all your common sense
Now you've passed the torch or was it too hot to handle
I will pin my stars and I'll command the uprising

Stop, look at yourself, the blame should truly lie on no one else
Don't start to dwell when your soul is just an empty shell

I commend what you've done, but now I take this gift of power and I will flourish!

You no longer have a string to dangle, simple threats held overhead are distant memories
As we bid farewell so bonded and united
The machine has been reborn to seize the new horizon!
The respect that I held is now all but lost, scorned by jealousy and burning hatred

It's not too late to give your hand
It's not too late to make amends

Drink the blood from my eyes
Drink and swallow your pride
Drink the blood from my eyes
Drink and swallow your pride.
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Rebirth Lyrics

Diecast – Rebirth Lyrics