Some folks said I was getting' well
But through the tears I couldn't tell
I could not see past yesterday
Cause your memory stood there in my way

A lonely mind plays funny tricks
Works on things that can't be fixed
It's bound to dwell on what you miss
Like a midnight touch or a morning kiss


It's still hard to face a day if you ain't in it
But I had to draw the line, a million tears
Is a man's limit
No, I don't expect your memory to let me
Ever forget it
But once in a while I live through a minute
And you ain't in it

It didn't take a clock to alarm me
I was always up, I'd never sleep
Scared to death I'd dream of you
That's more'n I wanted to put my old
Heart through

A big dark cloud followed me around
Didn't dare look up or I'd have drowned
Thought you took that sun with you
But today my curtain let a little peep slip through

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You Ain't In It Lyrics

Diamond Rio – You Ain't In It Lyrics

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