I'm breathing in the sun because winters gone and love is in theair
and all the rain has gone, look at all the happy faceseverywhere
i don't know how long i've been waiting
how long i've been living in chains
but now i am sure i can make it
tomorrow i won't feel no pain
yo quiero respirar la vida q me das
yo quiero compratir las ganas de vivir
yo quiero respirar nuestra felicidad
desde que estás aquí te quiero junto a mí
quiero respirar, quiero respirar

i'm breathing once again because after all the storm i've found away
i walk upon the clouds and i know my life would never be thesame
there something so special around me
sensations, refreshments and joy
now kindness and beauty sorround me and that's how i'm feelingtoday

baby I'm a fool
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Quiero Respirar Lyrics

Dhany – Quiero Respirar Lyrics