All of the pain
And all of the games
I hope you won't feel the same
I gave you the good
You gave me the bad
I'll give you the hurt today
You're all headstones
Headstones now
I'm the one they left
The walking dead
Verse 1:
Remember the house that rock-and-roll built
Before people lived
That house it took it's toll
For some of you it was hard-felt
Maybe hard-felt
But for me I sold my soul
Have fun now back in the real world
All curled up no one to hear your cries and unheard prayers
I'm the one you made me
Pirate, poet, king of despair
Verse 3:
And they shall know no good or peace
Nor shall their suffering ever cease
Until they humbly come to me and beg for mercy on their knees
Which I may grant if I should please

Because I want
It's the worst, yet the bet
For my vengeance
For the rest
Giving the devil his due
His due is you
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Headstones And The Walking Dead Lyrics

Devildriver – Headstones And The Walking Dead Lyrics