You're a fucking hustler,
Wearing crowns of creation!
I was born a troubler,
Spitting venom, I've been a hunter!

I was on probation, you were on parole,
When you're wrong, you're wrong, you know!
To err is Human, to forgive divine,
What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine!

Life is hard,
No one makes it out alive!
Seek higher ground!
No matter how bad it gets,
There's someone worse off than you!
Seek higher ground!

Men are evil, all men are vain!
Pride dies first, within the grave!
Worries are wasted, all cares put to ease
As the claw scratches us like fleas!

Blood of the dog, a man is not a man
Without blood on his hands
These scars I've earned, I've earned on my own
Distant memories, away from home


The world goes by,
You've gotta make it alone now!
Put that shit on the shelf and become a man!
Work hard, count only on yourself!
Seek higher ground!

The world never fought for me!
In fact it's been heartless 'til the end.
With everyone helping me go down,
And all the misery that's around!
My blind vision!
You'll all dead by morning!
My blind vision!
Now all the blood is pouring!

Disavow everything that they say!
Disavow everything that they're about!
Seek higher ground!
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Crowns Of Creation Lyrics

Devildriver – Crowns Of Creation Lyrics