He was given a thorn in his side
Was I given the same?
Around every corner in this life lies are whispering
I follow what they say
As demons hide, I'll curse your name,
And I'll say it to your face
When I've died and touched the flame,
I'll know who I should blame
The blankets of this leave me cold
Curse my thoughts and my eyes
Looking back at all of this I know that maybe I should of cried
Maybe I don't mind
You've got today,
But you always say that you'll change tomorrow
We have stolen blood running through our veins like a cancer,
We have found a way to cure and it's you
And we have found the answer
As demons lie, I speak your name,
And I'll say it to your face
When I die,
I'll say with a smile that you are the one to blame
As demons lie, I'll say it to your face
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Luxuria Lyrics

Destroy The Runner – Luxuria Lyrics

Songwriters: McTernan, Brian / Maldonado, Nicholas Ray / Kohlbry, Marc Christopher / Sparks, Tanner Lee / Ackerman, Chad Daniel / Reed, Duane David
Luxuria lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

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