Obsolescent fucking bitch, my tool will ensure your
Demise, drill wielding maniac takes you by surprise.
Power tool squealing, vibrating your head, boaring a hole
To render you dead
Internal crawing I must forfill, an unsurpressed urge to
Kill with a drill
Soaring through your skull, I penetrate the frontal lobe.
Scrambling your brain, cerebral shell implodes
An entanglement of hair matts around the bit as spiral of
Flesh and lurid puss emit
Psychotic rampage on a mission to thrill, mechanical
Slaughter to kill with a drill
The drill becomes a red blur as it rips into your eye.
Spliced white matter spraying as you die
As my drill bursts your stomach, I'm showered with blood
And bile.
Punching it back and forth, fatty clumps of tissue slide
Down my arms
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To Kill With A Drill Lyrics

Desecration – To Kill With A Drill Lyrics