She's not real, she's the spokes on a wheel
But the way she moves will take you where you wanna go
And you're the one that she steals from
But if not you she's gonna find somebody else
‘cause nothing is ever enough
and you love her but you know you've got to leave her
‘cause she's leaving you with no way out
she's a jewel in the nose of a fool
She's beautiful but she don't know who she is
And you're a wreck because you suspect
That she'll never be who she was years ago
‘cause nothing is ever enough

Maybe you don't see it
But she's waiting everywhere you're gonna go
In the faces of the people who look at you
Like someone that they know
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Nothing Is Ever Enough Lyrics

Derek Webb – Nothing Is Ever Enough Lyrics

Songwriters: DEREK W. WEBB
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