(1st Verse)
Heart Break, Heart Break, Oh I hate a heartbreak,
I say, we need 2 stay strong, and gurl I'll wait,
2 you start missin me, den you start kissin me,
Cumin at me nonstop,
Sippin on dat henesee!
Who am I kidden, you probably happy now,
But wen you left me, felt like sumone shot me down
Left me on the side of the road wit da rain droppin down,
And I'm screamin ya name, but you don't hear a sound,

Tryna move on... On... On
But doin dat feels wrong, wrong, wrong,
Tryna move on

(2nd Verse)
Gurl you took my heart, can you put it back in me,
Cuz wen you ripped it out, you basically ripped me,
I lost concentration, I lost part of the makings,
Of me, I need you back, datz all I'm sayin.
My homeboys told me 2 forget about,, yooooouuuuu,
But I say I'll neva 4get about,,, yoooooouuuuu,
N da morning all I think about is,,, youuuuuu,
At night, all I think about is yooooooouuu


(3rd verse)
Y you had 2 leave me, Y you wit a new dude,
I'm tryna b a new dude, I aint tryna get a new boo,
I'm tryna keep my cool, no I aint tryna cry,
But if there's no mo you, den I mite as well die, (No)
Calm down metri mee, no need 2 get emotional,
But if I didn't care, it will b a different story yo.
I b movin on but you can c dat I'm not,
Cuz my love 4 you iz neva gone stop!


Gurl I need you, gurl I need you,
You need 2 stop talkin bout dat we thru,
We still in love, dat boy a scrub
Gurl I need you, gurl I need you,
Gurl I need you, I can't move on (No)
I can't move on (No)
No, no, no!
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Tryna Move On Lyrics

Demetri Yates – Tryna Move On Lyrics