Contra bacho
The voice

Dancing is the lap of luxus
A vicious pleasure to waste time
An excess of emotions without a goal and set rules
A fantastic tra-la-la without meaning and practical use


Welcome to Deladap lesson 1: Put your hands over the head, enjoy the rhythm
Deladap lesson 2: Clap your hands energetic to the rhythm, right now
Deladap lesson 3: Jump in the air, right now (Jump, jump, jump, jump)
Anjamo, Melinda

Deladap lesson 4: Shake your feet to the beat, right now
Deladap lesson 5: Shout, "Hop", now (Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop)
The last lesson, 6: Just sing together, now
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Georgian Lesson Lyrics

Deladap – Georgian Lesson Lyrics