All or nothing women take it all away
In for the kill theres blood on the water its flowin' your way now I
Don't know nothin' but I know its a long way down
The king of the hill you reach for the sky your losing your crown

You tell it to the one
You tell it to the sun
You tell it to the friends who come and gone
You tell it to the sun yeah yeah again and again

Gotta let it go
Gotta let it go
Ya you run away
Gotta let it go
Gotta let it go
You run away gotta let it go

You came out of nothing crawling out of history
The man of the hour you done the time you hold the key
And there was something
Something just beyond your reach
The bigger the prize the more you desire the less you can feel

You do it for yourself theres really no one else
Another empty picture on the shelf your hangin' all alone
Yeah again and again=


All you wanted all you needed all you got and

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Gotta Let It Go Lyrics