Put your hands on your hips
Now move your fingertips
I'll be your slave
Now do the heatwave

Crossfire (crossfire)
Crossfire (crossfire)
Everybody crossfire

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater
Had a wife but couldn't keep her

Listen, everybody and
I'll tell you why (crossfire)
Poor little Peter couldn't do
The Crossfire (crossfire)

(Two, four, six, eight, nine)
(Move it all over for the
Crossfire time, crossfire)

When I hear the word
Do the mockingbird
I'll be your baby boy
Do the pride and joy

Crossfire (crossfire)
Crossfire (crossfire)
Everybody crossfire

Ne ne na na na...
Hey, it's all right

Does everybody remember
The sign of the three monkeys
Well, all right

Here we go
See no evil (see no evil)
Hear no evil (hear no evil)
Speak no evil (speak no evil)
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Crossfire Time Lyrics

Dee Clark – Crossfire Time Lyrics