Where will you take me to
My one and only
If I can wait for you
To thread a heart beat
Clear across the sea?

If you should wait for me
I am your true thing
I'd bring you to your knees
If you could hear this thing
Calling out to you

I wanna go where tears don't rain on me
I wanna go clear across the world someday
I wanna find a warm cocoon to wrap us in
Where nothing can take you away

The sound of you and me
Is like no other
If we could truly be
Unto each other
One song that heaven sings


When you walk with me, you change your step
To move your feet with mine
And I can't tell if I'm ahead or if you're a bit behind
But who in the world who in the world, who in the world
Would do that for me?

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Cocoon Lyrics

Dee Carstensen – Cocoon Lyrics