No need to worry, no need to stay up at night.
It doesn't matter, doesn't matter whose wrong or right.
I'll give you love yeah.
And in return you give it to me, I'll be your everything.
Baby let's work it out.
Cause to me you are the world, no need to doubt.
Your my man, I'm your girl.
Just keep loving me the way that you do
And I'm telling you, boy I'm telling you. (boy I'm tellin' you)

I'll be down 4 u, down 4 u
Sometimes I don't let it show, but I had to let you know,
Baby I'll be true.

I'll be down 4 u, down 4 u
Just keep loving me the way you do.
Nobody compares to you

Let's work together.
There's no need to compete.
Baby don't you notice, you bring the best out in me.
I'll give you love yeah.
Even when we disagree.
So let's not waste no more time and start all over tonight.
And take it higher. Higher than we can reach.
Turn our love on fire. It's how it's suppose to be

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

There ain't nothin' that can tear us apart.
Let me take care of you, I'll protect your heart.
Now hold me close. Don't ever let me go.
Make tonight last forever

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Always down 4 u.
No matter what you do.
Baby I'll be true.
I'll be down, down, down, down, down
I'll be down, down, down

Oh I'll be down
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Down 4 U Lyrics

Deborah Cox – Down 4 U Lyrics

Songwriters: Avila, Izzy / Wright, James / Avila, Bobby Ross / Cox, Deborah / Najera, Johnny / Salter, Sam
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