Have you beheld the fevers?
This is the collapse of the mind which has
In the cloudy silence of the heart
Proceeded to the lost depths of things
To the opacity of the night
In which the absence of visions
Becomes the culminating point of glance
God, as in a ray of darkness, in clarity and fullness
Nihil videt et omnia videt
Toi, Homme en devenir, n'as-tu plus d'autels que sйpulcres infects?
It is with fervour that we shall contemplate
These frightful fields, shining and serene
During the feverish slumber and put everything at risk
Losing an opaque gamble prepared with deadly art
Lavish with it's unshriven charms
Smiling with pale blue teeth
Lit for a brief moment by a frozen sunbeam
Merely an instant before the endless fall
Have you beheld the fevers?
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Have You Beheld The Fevers? Lyrics

Deathspell Omega – Have You Beheld The Fevers? Lyrics