Let's talk about me, yeah!

The torture's deep inside my mind.
Those fuckin' days left behind
Torment my dreams becoming them in nightmares.
Why are those people still dying in my head?

I need the forgiveness, for my existence,
That no one could give me... Here.

Years of glory just for him, for being the judge,
For being the executioner, years of pain, just for me.

I need your forgiveness, for my existence,
That you can't give me now, Go!

Sometimes the human being, make mistakes
What he did wasn't right, now he's paying, for it.

Lies, they spoke to me, being I the death,
Of those innocent civil people.
I, I saw, the sky's turning red,
The ground's full of flames, the air smells of Death.

I live regreted, in a senseless life.
I live regreted, I only see a steeled way out.

My hands are tyed in red,
My blood hits on the floor,
If I can't find forgiveness on life, life, life...
I'll look for it on... Death.

Now he's paid for it!!!
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Torture's Deep Inside My Mind Lyrics

Deathless – Torture's Deep Inside My Mind Lyrics