Why am I paying for decicions you have made for me?
Why don't I walk away from The. Pain. You. Spread?
Gone! Your on your way out
You better pack your bags and leave before a fuse is blown
I've never seen so much damn hatred in all my life
So disconnected is the way to go

Now you cheated and broke my heart intentionally
You'll reap, what you sow, and watch it come back ten fold.

So turn and walk away,
Don't wanna see your face
My conscience cannot take this
My pride, the will to break this!... Now

So turn and walk away!
Don't wanna see your face!

Let's explain, Who's to blame
On the edge is where you'll find me
Let's explain, Place The Blame
Your ending was a cop out!

Now Drowning, Was This The Only Way
A life flashed past and then it's gone
You Are Gone
Astounding, What a way to go out
What A Way To Go Out
A. Waste. Of. Life
Was this. Your. One. Way. Out__!

You Should Live **Life** Live
You Should Live **Life**
You Should Live___.

Was this the only way... Out (whisper x2)

Was this the only way__ out___
You Will Live_____

Forget All Your Feelings You Threw Them Away Right Now
You Could Live
Live **Life** Live, You Should Live **Life** Live
You Should Live **Life** Live
You Should Live **Life** Live
You Should Live

Through all this pain, You place the blame,
Let go
You will live, to make a change
But you don't get out that easy
No You Don't Get Out That Easy
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Place The Blame Lyrics

Death Audio – Place The Blame Lyrics